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Oils & Vinegars

Our specialist oils and vinegars are supplied by delicious on tap, the UK’s leading producer & supplier of high quality OnTap Oils & Vinegars. As an OnTap Specialist, we carry an extensive range of Naturally Flavoured & Speciality Oils & Vinegars, OnTap Dispensers, Glass Bottles, and OnTap Accessories available to all Fine Food Retail Businesses. We offer the very best in award winning choice and quality.

Dried Goods, Tins, Jars, Pasta & Pantry

We offer a wide range of dried, tinned & jarred pantry goods, to cater to a wide range of cooking styles from home cooked best-of-British, to exotic delicacies from far-off destinations. 

Condiments, Jams & Preserves

We offer a broad range of jams, pickles, preserves (both sweet and savory) and other accompaniments that compliment our great range of fine foods. Whether it be a chutney to go with one of our delicious cheeses, a pickle to pair with our cured meats, or a jam to enjoy on toast at breakfast, we have everything you need. 

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